St. Augustine's

The Larger church of St Augustine's was built on an adjoining site in Lincoln Street in 1903. The original church became the hall.







Having successfully conducted a regular mission in the High Rd., St.John's clergy decided something more permanent was needed in this area. A site in Mayville Rd. was purchased for 130 and an iron building provided in 1886.The mission church of St. Augustine of Hippo was founded when this was replaced by a brick built church, the foundation stone being laid in 1888 on August 11th.

This was served by St. John's clergy. In 1893 Archdeacon Bayne became curate in charge, the first named priest for this church. He was soon succeeded by the Rev. W. Walker who served from 1894 to 1916 and established a ritualistic tradition. About this time a vestry was added to the side of the church.

Now well established, the church felt the need to expand and bought an adjoining site facing on to Lincoln St. in 1897.

Plans were drawn up for a new, larger church by Messrs Bottle and Olley of Yarmouth and were accepted The little church of St. Augustine must have been thriving to consider a new, larger building after only 10 years. In 1901 the foundation stone was laid by the Bishop of Barking. Rev. Walker who served for over 21 years in charge, oversaw the rebuilding and transition to the new church. His work in the parish was acknowledged with a presentation in the 21st year of his ministry.