The whole area was soon in a state of change as planners started on the rebuilding scheme, which ultimately included the two churches that Fr. Pearce was in charge of. He worked with the planners, the local council, the diocese and finally the architect to make sure the church got a good deal and a building to be proud of. Having done all that he set about welcoming the people on the new estate and making sure all the organisations were settled in their new church and hall. The dedication took place in 1974. Father Pearce always showed an interest in the youth of the parish and encouraged work in the Sunday Schools, uniformed organisations and the formation of the Church Lads Brigade in the 1970ís. He also worked with the Wandsbek society (Leyton was twinned with Wandsbek in Germany) and helped with the international youth camps.


Fr. Pearce with the Church Ladís Brigade and representatives of Erithís, a local builders merchants, who sponsored their coach.