The Story of the Stained Glass

There are four panes of stained glass in the Lady Chapel. There are only a few windows at a low level in the church. Part of the design was to make it vandal proof and indeed, these panes of glass are well covered by metal grills on the outside.

The Glass was moved from the old St Augustine's church but the story deepens.

It is said that the glass originally came from St Augustine's Church in Haggerston. This church was united with St Stephens Haggerston in 1952 and the parish abolished in 1980. Quite why or when the glass went to St Augustine's Leytonstone is unknown.


We would like to confirm the story and discover the story of this stained glass. If you know anything about the churches in Haggerston and can tell us a little more about the situation regarding is merger and subsequent closure, please email us and let us know.

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