A New Church in a time of Change.

Suddenly the news was out. A massive regeneration programme was planned for the south of the borough and the two churches, along with lots of the parishioners' homes, were in the front line. About the same time the two parishes had merged and Fr. Pearce was vicar of Harrow Green and still in charge of St. Augustine's.

At first the area for development was to extend from Harrow Green, right up to the Midland railway at the top of Granleigh Rd. However after many meetings between council and homeowners, it stopped short on the south side of Lincoln St, but included the land on which St. Augustine's stood. It was decided that one new church would be better than two old ones. Not everyone agreed.

The laying of the foundation stone of the new Harrow GreenParish church by the Bishop of Barking the Rt Rev William Chadwick on 8th April 1973. Also in the picture:
 L-R Mable Woodyard, Doreen Atkins, Alf Snow and Reg Sampson, the four churchwardens.