Ministry Programme

We know that all of us are ministers, and we want to support and encourage each other to live the good news of God brought to us by Jesus. This will be in our families, our work or leisure time, and in our neighbourhood. Some of us may also offer our skills to the Church.

All of us have gifts to help each other to be disciples in our distorted world

We pray for each other, we find strength in worship, we wish to deepen our faith, and to act for justice in our community.

To help us in this our vocation we have a programme for partnership in ministry, using the Sunday sermons, Advent and Lent groups, the festivals of the year, study days and meetings of interest groups.

Handouts for the following are available:

  What is a Gospel ?
St Mark
St Matthew
St Luke
St John
Acts of the Apostles
The Book of Revelation


The Hebrew Scriptures
The Book of Psalms

The Ambiguity of the Wise Men
The Ambiguity of St Paul

Holy Week

- Maundy Thursday
- Good Friday
- Holy Saturday
- Easter Day
St Paul
St Peter
St Thomas
St Augustine
St Bonaventure

The Creeds of the Church
The Church of England
Challenges to the Church
Christ as King

Mary as Enigma
Mary as Strong Woman
Mary as Martyr

Modem Martyrs
Archbishop Janani Luwum
Archbishop Oscar Romero

Prayer - Private
- Intercessions
- The Eucharist
- The 'Our Father'.
Study Day Material : The Passion of Jesus
  St Francis
  Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  The Holocaust

We also have a good basic library of general theology, urban theology, and Holocaust studies.